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To provide excellent customer service in a genuine and thoughtful way. Focusing on quality over quantity and making sure the attention to detail is kept throughout the respected process. Creating a lasting relationship beyond real estate, where clients become life long friends that can also take advantage of the sphere created throughout the last two decades of working in Richmond. Lastly, help create a community that can rely on someone who has their best interests at heart and can stay consistent throughout the test of time. 

A lifelong dedication to building up a city that has rich history and iconic culture. Someone that remains humble day in and day out. A legacy that feels as if it is reborn every single year with the same heated passion that it all began with. A following of likeminded individuals that soak up tradition and have a passion for preserving history. Using technology in a way to accent experience and hard work/grit. I always say trust in movement and that’s what my future/present/past has always been. “Make it happen” I can see a flock of renovators/developers that I work with creating some of Richmond’s best old/new homes


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